Sometimes gear goes down, don't let it ruin your day

Master Technicians

Having equipment break down is never fun, making a problem permanent through a bad repair job is even worse. We want you to be satisfied with any repair work and are so confident in our master technicians that if we can’t get your equipment working, we won’t charge you for the labor.


Looking to upgrade some components on your equipment? We install all upgrades and accessories that we sell free of charge to make sure you get the most benefit possible from your new gear. Let us make sure you get the maximum performance out of your setup.


Be safe when you play, make sure the velocity of your gun is set correctly. Not sure how fast your gun is currently set? We offer chronographing as a free service to ensure that you stay safe wherever you play.


When bringing your gear in for service please plan ahead. Most equipment that will require any tool work will have a minimum of a 48 hour stay in our store. Depending on severity of problem, parts availability, and customer specifications, the time needed to repair may be more than 48 hours.


Once a repair has been completed, we will contact you to pick up your gear. Equipment that have been left for more than 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be sold for the cost of the labor.


Labor Costs
Bench Rate (per 15 minutes)
$$ 15
Velocity Check
$ Free
Tank Date Check
$ Free
Leak Check
$ Free

Our average billable time for most gun repairs is 30 minutes.

We no longer sell, install, or repair Tippmann E-Trigger or RT Trigger kits. We do not recommend them on any Tippmann products.