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We rent paintball equipment designed to make it easy for you to get the equipment you need to run any size group. Whether you are trying to get some games together on your own piece of property or on a camping trip, family reunion, corporate event, or birthday party, few activities will create as many experiences and memories as a day of paintball.


All rental packages include: Gun, mask, barrel sleeve, hopper, compressed air tank (filled to 3000 psi) and 500 paintballs. Need just a mask or a tank to play on your personal setup? We also rent individual items.


Many paintball companies bundle their rentals with a limited number of paintballs and then charge highly inflated rates for additional paintballs. We have found that 500 paintballs per person is the right amount for most paintball outings (1 - 3 hours playing time). Groups that are more intense or plan to play longer are welcome to purchase additional paintballs.

Group Discounts

Getting a group together to play? Get a discount on your per rental package price when you book 8 or more people. Your group discount will be automatically calculated when you book your group.

Onsite Events

Sometimes you just need some help running a large group of eager paintball players. Let us help with the logistics of your activity. We have years of experience running the largest paintball events in the state. There's a reason why the Utah State Senate, City of Provo, Utah National Guard, Boy Scouts of America, and many others have chosen us to come out and handle their large event needs. If you are thinking of running an event, give us a call or stop by the store for more details and to hear about other services we offer. We are here to make your event run smoothly and headache free.

About Our Rentals

The most important piece of paintball equipment for any player is the mask. We rent only ASTM certified masks that cover the eyes, temples, ears, cheeks, and mouth. Masks must be worn at all times while playing paintball or when around paintball guns that do not have barrel sleeves placed over their barrels. We will not rent paintball marker without also renting a mask. Included in our packages is an extremely reliable semi-automatic paintball gun that is designed to shoot on each trigger pull. Each one of our markers comes with a 48ci 3000psi compressed air tank to maximize reliability and ease of use in all weather conditions. These tanks should get about 600 shots before needing to be refilled.

Places to Play

We are really lucky in Utah Valley to have so many places to play, most of them free. For a map of all the fields in Utah Valley go to our:

Rental Waiver

All players renting equipment must fill out a rental waiver. Minors must have a waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian.

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Don't miss out on the perfect date and time for your awesome paintball outing, book your rentals online now without needing to stop by or call in to check on availability. Group discounts are automatically applied to your booking and we'll have your rentals ready for you at your pickup time.

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