Field is not fully open to public, but we are running limited scrimmages



All players who step on the field will need to book a paid admission and fill out a waiver as part of their booking. Please pre-book before arriving at the field. Pre-booking provides an admission discount, allows us to effectively forecast player attendance, and drastically reduces check-in times.


We require a minimum of 8 pre-booked players to run a games. If we do not get 8 pre-booked players by the night before a scrimmage, we will email cancellation notices to all pre-booked players and refund all bookings.


Games will be tournament style play with players playing either standard ramp or mechanical fire modes. Standard ramp cap for tournament play is 10.5 bps. Mechanical mode means a gun using an unassisted mechanical trigger or a gun that has been set to a semi-automatic 5.5 bps cap.

FIELD PAINT ONLY, you may not bring your own paintballs. Players caught using non-field paint will be ejected without refund. At our sole discretion, players may also be suspended from playing at the field in the future.


Our field is still in the process of being built out for the general public. At the current time, the dates listed on our calendar are for tournament style games only. All players, spectators, or any other person on the grounds must wear an ASTM approved paintball mask at all times while games are being played.


DateTimeStyleMin #'s
4/20: Sat10amScrimmageMet
5/4: Sat10amScrimmageMet
5/11: Sat10amScrimmageMet
6/15: Sat9amScrimmageMet
Pre-registration will be updated when minimum registrations to run games for the day are met, otherwise games will be canceled and refunds issued to pre-registered players

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