5th Annual Shake ‘N Bake Classic

Desert Edge at Shake 'n Bake Start Station

5th Annual Shake ‘N Bake Classic

We are extremely disappointed to announce that we have been forced to postpone the 5th Annual Shake & Bake Classic due to military exercises that will be occurring in the area where we normally hold the event. We would have looked to reschedule for sometime in the month of June but we have too many staff members getting married to make a different date work. When we figure out a date that will work to reschedule we will be sure to get the word out. Teams that have pre-paid for registration and paint can contact the store to receive a refund or keep it on file for the rescheduled date.

The time has come to test your skills! Get ready for the 5th Annual Shake ‘N Bake Classic. This year will be a 6v6 speedball round robin style tournament. The only limiting factor in this is the gravity fed hopper that must sit on top of your marker! Come play one of the staple events of the Utah tournament scene.

Where: Provo Pickup Field

When: Saturday – June 8, 2013


7:00 Registration

8:00 Captains Meeting

8:30 Games Begin

Format: 6 Man semi division; Both divisions will use modified NPPL rules

Entry: Semi – $150

Paintballs: Event Paint Only

Field $45 pre-order – $50 day of

Premium $55 pre-order – $60 day of

Tournament $65 pre-order – $70 day of.

Only a few changes for this year. We will be using modified NPPL center flag format rules. All non-electronic gravity fed hoppers are allowed (Most players will tell you that the best hopper to use is the Proto Primo). Hoppers will be available for purchase at the event and through pre-order on our website. No force-fed or agitating hoppers of any kind are allowed which means that you cannot use an A5, X7, or Phenom. Firing modes are irrelevant so you can use whichever mode you prefer. To help incentivize teams to be on deck and on the field on time we will be adding 10 points to the score sheet for having your entire team ready to walk on to the field when the head ref asks for the next team (Please note the use of the phrase “entire team”). That means a perfect game score at this event will be 110 points not just 100. We will be pushing teams to get on and off the field as quickly as possible so that we can get this event wrapped up in as timely manner. There will be no finals games, standing will be determined based on the aggregate score of teams from round robin play. There will be a quick 30 minute lunch break for the ref staff and we will have Sammy’s Burgers and Shakes on site and will also have drinks available for sale. There are no other planned breaks in the schedule for the day.

Registration and paint pre-orders may be made over the phone or in person at the store. Registration will end 7pm Thursday, June 6, 2013. NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE POSSIBLE. We will need a day to get the brackets and schedule figured out. Please indicate the team name when registering.

We started this event as a joke and have been very pleased with the great turnout for the past couple years. Please help us make this an open and inviting format with very little drama and no problems. We look forward to seeing everyone. If you need more information or have any questions please contact us.

282 N. University Ave. Provo, UT 84061 801.709.1624 [email protected]

Team Registration 

Semi Division – 6 Man $150



Field Grade $45

Premium Grade $55

Tournament Grade $65



Proto Primo $15