Faction Battlegrounds Scrimmage – Mechanical Day – November 17, 2019

Faction Battlegrounds Scrimmage – Mechanical Day – November 17, 2019

Date(s) - 11/17/2019
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Faction Battlegrounds



Please use the items on this page to pre-book before arriving at the field. All players who step on the field will need to pay an entry fee and fill out a waiver [waivers are being setup but will launch soon].


Games for this day will focus on mechanical play. Qualifying guns will need to fall under one of the following classifications:

      1. Mechanical trigger (one shot = one pull, no RT or mechanical full auto modes)
      2. Electronically set to 5.5 bps max rate of fire in a semi-automatic mode
      3. Using a gravity driven hopper in any other bps setting in a semi-automatic mode (no PAL, Cyclone, air assist, or other types of loaders that do not rely exclusively on gravity to feed the paintballs)


This is a field paint only field, you may not bring your own paintballs. Players caught using non-field paint will be ejected without refund. At our sole discretion, players may also be suspended from playing at the field in the future.


Gates open at 10:30 with games starting at 11. We like to run an aggressive game schedule to maximize the number of points that players get to play, so come prepared to grind out a bunch of points.


We can all agree that Utah paintball has been lacking in many aspects over the last 10 years. The opening of the Faction Battlegrounds represents Saints Paintball’s attempt to change things. We do not do this from a place of criticizing previous efforts. Instead, we offer our attempt to move the paintball community as a whole to a more growth oriented and sustainable model for the future. This will take time and we are sure that we will make mistakes along the way, but we feel it is necessary.


Our community focused goal is to provide a playing environment that balances the competitive aspects of paintball with a more welcoming and collaborative culture that helps build players. This must be balanced against our goals of maintaining and growing the playing facility and making sure that we are offering pricing such that players are able to consistently get out to practice.


We don’t believe we have all the answers and, as things prove themselves to work or not, we will make necessary adjustments. If you have suggestions, we are open to them.

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