Pro Shop - Saints Paintball
Saints Paintball store is proud to boast the largest selection of paintball equipment in the state of Utah. We can help you take your game to the next level.
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Pro Shop

Try It Before You Buy It

Utah’s Largest Selection of Equipment

Saints Paintball stocks the largest selection of paintball guns and equipment in the state and our knowledgable staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Because equipment is so personal, we want you to try it before you buy it. Come in and hold any one of our markers, try on a mask, or throw on any gear to make sure it feels good before you buy it, with no pressure to buy.


All gun purchases are backed by our lifetime labor warranty. If you ever have a problem with your gun, bring it in and we will take care of it. There is no charge for labor and we will work with the manufacturer to get any parts that are needed. You will only be charged for parts.



At Saints Paintball, you can build the exact package that suits your needs. Don’t be fooled by package deals offered at other stores. Package deals often skimp on quality in one way or anther. Choose your gun and receive 10% off any other components you need to complete your perfect setup. Add as many or as few items and don’t get stuck with subpar equipment.



Quality paint makes a tremendous difference in the performance of your equipment. A well made paintball is more accurate, better at breaking when you hit an opponent, and less likely to break in your gun. We receive fresh shipments of paint every few weeks to make sure that the paint you buy is in the best condition possible. Plus, you get a free paintball tank fill (compressed air or CO2) with the purchase of a case of paintballs.

Retail Store


We fill a variety of tanks for paintball, airsoft, airgun, or simply bulk CO2 applications.


3000 psi Compressed Air Fills

13 ci – 90 ci:    $ 3.50

90 ci+:               $ 4.50

Scuba/SCBA:   $ 12.00


4500 psi Compressed Air Fills

13 ci – 90 ci:    $ 5.00

90 ci+:               $ 6.00

Scuba/SCBA:   $ 20.00


CO2 Fills

1 oz:                    $ 0.25

9 oz:                    $ 2.25

12 oz:                  $ 3.00

20 oz:                  $ 5.00


Bulk CO2 Fill (min 2 lbs.)

1 lbs:                   $ 3.00


Per Department of Transportation regulations, all pressurized cylinders that hold a gas or liquid need to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years to ensure their integrity. We cannot fill tanks that do not have current hydrostatic test dates. Retesting a carbon fiber tank is usually worth the cost, but hydrotesting a CO2 tank almost always exceeds the value of the tank. If you are not sure whether your tank can be filled or not, please bring them in and we can check the dates for you.